Building a Community of Learners

I had the opportunity to attend the first session of Professional Learning Practice (PLP) today with my principal and a great team of teachers.  The focus of the session led by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Will Richardson was building  communities and networks of learners.

When we think of a community of learners many times the visions of students working together comes to mind.  One point that hit home today is that we as educators need to think of ourselves more as learners than teachers.  WE need to be a community of learners.  The more we learn, the better teachers we will be.  Sounds simple but sometimes we forget the importance of learning. We need to continually be building our network and strengthening our learning community.  Of course if we are going to strengthen our learning community, we are going to have to share, share, share.  It is hard to move from the mindset of competition to collaboration but it won’t happen unless we take action.

I have total confidence in my PLP team.  I believe we have the talent, the drive and the passion to make a difference.  Together we will grow in our knowledge of the possibilities of technology, make connections with our colleagues and build our capacity to create change.


3 Responses to “Building a Community of Learners”

  1. Sometimes we “forget” to practice what we preach, in the way of being a learner in the classroom. We become unsuccessful in the classroom when we stop learning ourselves. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in meeting the needs of the leathers/demands of the job that we neglect this most important challenge. I would add to the challenge to walk outside your comfort zone with a new idea, I’m definitely doing that right now…feeling uneasy, but this is going to work – we need to do this – I want to be on the cutting edge of education – not getting cut!!!!

  2. What a great line: “move from the mindset of competition to collaboration” So true. And great to hear about your kick-off…enjoy the journey:)

  3. Beverly_Libell Says:

    Leathers = Learners *love autospell on the iPhone 🙂

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