School Technology Leadership

To celebrate Leadership Day 2010 here are my top 5 things school administrators must know/do to be technology leaders:

5.  They must empower and support those teachers willing to take risks integrating technology into their classroom.  Let’s face it, it is very difficult to get teachers to take the leap, especially when students may know more about technology than they do.  So teachers who are willing to leave their comfort zone and take risks must feel safe, be supported and be rewarded.

4. They must be teachers.  Even though many administrators have left the classroom, they haven’t stopped instructing.  Administrators must set high expectations, take every opportunity to teach new technologies to teachers, encourage them to use it and build a community of learners.

3. They must lead by example.  Administrators must embed technology into their everyday routine if they expect teachers to embrace it.

2. They must be learners.   They must WANT to learn. True leaders know that they don’t know everything and are never satisfied with what they know.  They thirst for learning new tools, exploring new ways of doing things and finding ways to improve what they are already doing.

1.  At all costs, students come first.  Since the students we are teaching will no doubt be using technology now and in the future it is vital that they learn how to learn new technology.  So it is an administrator’s obligation to make sure students have teachers who are learning  and embedding  new technology into their lessons.


One Response to “School Technology Leadership”

  1. “… it is vital that [students] learn how to learn new technology.” Love this!

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